Little Sparks

I’ve started this opening sentence about a hundred times, and nothing seems to fit quite right. And since I’m on a computer, I’ve got the advantage of using that backspace button as many times as I like – and no one would ever know!

That’s the thing about technology. It gives us a whole bunch of advantages that traditional mediums don’t offer us. Part of the reason I favour digital art because I’m messy. I struggle with proportions. A lot of the time, my ideas are faster than my hands, and so chaos follows.

Until I scan in that messy sketch. Then I can tidy it up, or even re-draw it digitally!

My sketchbooks are filled with mess. I’m not saying this to be modest or cute. Some of it is such rubbish that I’d be embarrassed for anyone to see their contents. There’s also odd little lists, and poems that have crosses and scribbles all through them. Yet, sometimes when I flip through the creative chaos, I get some of my best ideas.

A little spark.

And then a few more sparks.


click to download your Little Sparks

Now you can have a whole book of little sparks too.

Some parts of the pages from Little Sparks (you’ll probably know which ones) were taken directly from my sketchbook. The letters are crooked and the drawings a little funny, but I think if I’d cleaned them up, the book might not feel so intimate and private, like a sketchbook does.

I suppose Little Sparks is an ebook, and maybe you’d like to use it as such. Finding pages of little sparks to send off spurs of feelings and wonder and creativity. Maybe you’ll look through it when you feel a little lost or are looking for a reason to smile a little brighter.

You can also print it. Scatter the words wherever you wish. Surround the dreamcatcher with your dreams. Draw in the ingredients to your best kind of days.

It’s not solely for reading or solely for writing. I wanted to blur the lines and create something that you can use the way you want to. Putting together Little Sparks is really only half of this creative process.

The other half comes from you. What will you do with it?


One more thing:

Little Sparks is a free ebook. You may print it. Print it twice, if you like!

However the file and its contents may not be sold (either digitally or in print form.)

PS. I’ve just released a brand new eBook: Bright Sparks. It’s 35 pages of words, florals and ink, and includes a bunch of free exclusive goodies.